Friday, May 28, 2010


Yes finally done exams!

If I had to summarize my medicals exams in one word it would be: Reality.

As a medical student we are all used to being top of the class and breezing through exams. It is quite rare to not know how to do something, but wow talk about crashing into the reality wall. I had 3 exams in 3 days: MEQ, Multi-Station, and EMQ. Overall the exams were challenging but it was do-able. It was a good reality check that there will be times where you won't know how to do something and you are going to have to overcome the feeling. First day was definitely tough. I went back to my room and I just felt really dumb and my confidence level was pit bottom. It was definitely hard to pick myself back up but I was pretty determined to make it up by doing well in multi-station and EMQ. All in all I tried my best in all 3 papers and hope I did enough to pass! Results release on June 10 so I guess I'll be camping out at the medical school. I'll probably be a nervous wreck though.

On a lighter note: summer holiday has officially begun! Right after exams I went out with friends and just make up for the last 6ish weeks of complete "hermiting". Then went for a night out with the rest of my medical year - great celebration. Today, I finally got the time to go and play some field hockey in pretty nice weather. Was a bit cold, but it was sunny out and I watched the sunset. Very relaxing. And then in 4 months it'll be the official start of 2nd year of medicine! I'm also planning on going to freshers events as they are so amazing. It is also a chance for me to go to parties with a group of people who I know and have a lot more fun. Also the perfect chance to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends! Looking forward to it.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Final Lap.

So exactly 2 more weeks left until my first exam.



But if I was not nervous/anxious about exams I might question my motivation to study medicine. Nervousness is what kicks you into the next gear. You work 10x harder for your exam as you know it is important and you care!

I've gotten through quite a bit of material since my last post. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm on one of the last chapters for the year and will very soon be going over my notes briefly for a refresher prior to exams. We finally got our exact exam schedule and I'm a bit iffy about it. Not loving the fact that my first exam will be "Modified Essay Questions" - which is more like one word answer questions. I would much prefer to have the Extended Matching Questions first as it is multiple choice and I guess a better way to "ease" into the exam. Despite seeing a specimen paper already - I still don't know what to expect from the exam. I have questioned myself several times about the amount of detail I've been studying in. I feel that my method of studying is very clinical based so I know the pathology of diseases quite well. But when it comes to the fine details of cell interactions and stuff, I may be a little bit screwed? I really hope the exam won't be that detailed.

I'm pretty determined to do well in this exam as I have put a lot of work into studying. I have high expectations.

Hopefully all will go well and you'll be seeing a happy post instead of a long rant in the near future.