Thursday, May 26, 2011

Start of Clinical Years.

Finally got some free time to make a post. First want to thank those who are still following me on my blog as I really do appreciate it.

So I finished my 3 exams (MEQ, Multi-Station, and EMQ) on May 5. 3 torturous days as predicted. To be honest - The MEQ and EMQ exams weren't too bad as I adapted a new way of studying which is better suited for those two exams; however, I neglected the method needed for Multi-Station exam. Consequently, I did suffer a bit in my Multi-Station exam. It was horrible. I didn't exactly start at a great station either. I knew how to do the questions in my first station but the next 4 stations shattered my confidence. I did not study the things asked and it was a horrible feeling. With every station I lost more and more confidence and was starting to think pretty negatively. At one point I even asked myself if it was possible to get 0% on the exam. It was grim. After 2 hours of absolute shattered confidence and the horrible sinking feeling - I was hoping like no tomorrow that the EMQ would be much better. Thankfully - EMQ was quite okay and I didn't have too many difficulties with it.

Fast forward to May 19. Results day. My university requires us to go into the medical school to get our results so the journey to the school was long and nerve-racking. I don't think I have been so nervous before. To my relief I had passed and cue celebration. We still haven't received the breakdown marks of our 3 papers, and I'm looking forward to see how I did in the multi-station paper. Last year it was my best paper of the 3...I don't think that is the case this year. Who knows - maybe I've got some pretty amazing guessing skills.

Just the other day I got my first clinical year schedule and it looks really crammed and hectic but after looking at it again - it isn't too bad. The major downside of starting clinical the lack of holidays. I guess they're trying to prepare us for the future? From what I've heard from upper years - this is the time when it hits you - you'll be a doctor in 3 years and it is quite a frightening thought. I swear the last 2 years FLEW by. Freshers week felt like it was only a few months ago.

Anyways just wanted to do a quick update and hopefully my next post will be soon. :)