Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Research Attachment.

I just got my Research Attachment Proposal list and what a head scratch. The university has given us 93 research projects to choose from and if I had to be bluntly honest - I've only seen 3 which have "appealed" to me. Hard part is that we have to pick 5 projects and list them in the order of preference. Tough choices! At the moment I've picked another 2 but I have NO interest in them and would be quite disappointed if I ended up getting placed in them. At the moment I'm doing more research into the other research topics to see what seems interesting despite not knowing much about those other research topics. What a tedious process...especially going through each and every single research topic, but if I want to pick something I would do well in then I guess it is worth my time to look into each thing.

For those just joining my blog and reading around - please let me direct you to my archives over to the right. I've written a few blog entries on application and interview tips which may come in handy...especially the interview tips as it is interview time now.

Good luck to those who are having their interviews and those who are still waiting to hear from their universities - don't fret! Be patient...no point of worrying as no matter how much you worry it's not like the faster you'll find out about whether or not you'll get an interview. There's nothing you can do so try and relax and concentrate on your school work!

Those with an offer: YAY congratssss!!!!! Exciting stuff. Just meet those offers and you'll be itching to get to university and embark on your new journey.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Decade, Another Chapter.

Welcome 2011. 2010 has been very memorable, but sadly went by too quickly. After some thought, I realized that entering this decade could possibly mean a new chapter in my life. I realized in a few months I will be completing my second year of medicine and with a bit of luck and good studying I will be entering into my third year or essentially entering into my clinical years of medicine! To me, this seems to be a huge step and from what I have heard, when entering your clinical years it will probably be the first proper time where you get the slap in the face that you will be a doctor. Just thinking about it makes me nervous and excited.

This also means that my medical sciences portion of my course will be coming to a close meaning I've learned about the basics/general idea of almost everything in the body. Quite daunting. To be honest, judging how fast 2010 went by, I have a feeling my medical school years will be going by quite quickly. Just the other day I was thinking about the 2010 Winter Olympics and how much I enjoyed watching the Canada vs. USA ice hockey gold medal game. Then it occurred to me that the next time I'll be watching an Olympic ice hockey game (IF I have time) will be months before graduating from medical school in 2014. Crazy crazy crazy. This next decade of 2011-2020 I can guarantee will be a decade of highs and lows, firsts and lasts, challenges and accomplishments. When this decade comes to a close at 2020 HOPEFULLY I will be specializing in what I enjoy in a place I enjoy. A lot will be happening in this decade and hopefully I will be able to accomplish my goals and dreams. There will be a lot of transition and change: from medical student, to a junior doctor, to picking my specialty and so on. That's a lot of transitioning/change in one decade and I'm pretty sure it'll be a decade to remember.

Cheers to a new year and of course a new decade of new challenges, accomplishments, and happiness.