Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Still Alive! Happy New Year!

Wow these last 2 months have been a whirlwind hence I haven't had time to make a post (apologies!). Essentially just wanted to check-in and wish everyone a Happy New Year. 2013 for me has been a whistle-stop tour. I've made many accomplishments and is certainly another memorable year. Some highlights:
  • Presenting a poster at a national conference
  • Meeting new people
  • Going back home for my elective 
  • Commencing another research project (fairly large one too)!
  • Applying for my first proper job!
  • Learning more skills (medical and surgical)
  • Being happy :)
This year had blown by and it has essentially been a year where I had to gain even more confidence especially knowing next year, I will be given responsibilities (no more fooling around!). This second half of the year was just hectic. The minute I came back from elective, it was just non-stop meeting deadlines and never-ending work. Even now I'm supposed to be busy as I've got my first set of final exams in a few days (cruel). I despise revising through the holidays...it's very depressing. 

Anyways better get back to revising. I'll hopefully get some free time soon and be able to write an entry about the job application process and what that was like. 

Wishing you all a Happy New Year. I know for sure it'll be a big and very important year for me. Bring on 2014!