Sunday, April 25, 2010

Exam Revision.

4 weeks left 'til exams.

I really shouldn't be complaining though. Been working like mad for the last 2ish weeks. Revision is coming along...but could be better. My aim is to finish studying with 2 weeks left before technically I have 2 weeks left to finish studying. Definitely cutting it close. I finished my first module IMMS (which was an absolute MONSTER - binder was 2" thick crammed full with notes). Now studying Cardiovascular. Should be finishing tomorrow. Then two more main modules left to study: Respiratory and GI/Liver. After that I have the "miscellaneous" binders such as: Public Health (...ugh), Histology (pink and blue blobs!), Clinical Skills, Critical Numbers (literally need to self-teach myself), and Study Designs. Funnnn. Also I have to go through my revision books: Crash Course and At a Glance. Hopefully these books won't take too long to get through and would be a good refresher right before the exam.

Surprisingly I thought I was going to be at war with Physiology...but so far it has been fairly okay (probably will change when I get to Respiratory Physiology). Not as bad as I thought. A lot of people think anatomy is really hard, but I disagree. Anatomy is pretty much just a test of your memory. Simply open your textbook and memorize! Much rather sit and stare at pictures - memorizing parts than trying to understand pharmacology. Actually the truth about passing the medical exams (I I haven't passed one yet...) is that it is just one big test of who has the best memory - literally. Sounds kind of ignorant but it really just is a matter who can remember the most.

Hopefully I am putting in enough work into passing the exam and hopefully doing well as well! Trying to aim to get a high mark so fingers crossed. Head down for 4 more weeks then SUMMER HOLIDAY! Can't wait. Seriously though, this year went by really really fast. Next thing you know: it'll be graduation day and becoming a Doctor!

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