Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Decade, Another Chapter.

Welcome 2011. 2010 has been very memorable, but sadly went by too quickly. After some thought, I realized that entering this decade could possibly mean a new chapter in my life. I realized in a few months I will be completing my second year of medicine and with a bit of luck and good studying I will be entering into my third year or essentially entering into my clinical years of medicine! To me, this seems to be a huge step and from what I have heard, when entering your clinical years it will probably be the first proper time where you get the slap in the face that you will be a doctor. Just thinking about it makes me nervous and excited.

This also means that my medical sciences portion of my course will be coming to a close meaning I've learned about the basics/general idea of almost everything in the body. Quite daunting. To be honest, judging how fast 2010 went by, I have a feeling my medical school years will be going by quite quickly. Just the other day I was thinking about the 2010 Winter Olympics and how much I enjoyed watching the Canada vs. USA ice hockey gold medal game. Then it occurred to me that the next time I'll be watching an Olympic ice hockey game (IF I have time) will be months before graduating from medical school in 2014. Crazy crazy crazy. This next decade of 2011-2020 I can guarantee will be a decade of highs and lows, firsts and lasts, challenges and accomplishments. When this decade comes to a close at 2020 HOPEFULLY I will be specializing in what I enjoy in a place I enjoy. A lot will be happening in this decade and hopefully I will be able to accomplish my goals and dreams. There will be a lot of transition and change: from medical student, to a junior doctor, to picking my specialty and so on. That's a lot of transitioning/change in one decade and I'm pretty sure it'll be a decade to remember.

Cheers to a new year and of course a new decade of new challenges, accomplishments, and happiness.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog. Thank you so much for all the tips. I'll be an EU student but with a tricky situation (I am currently doing a dual degree in law/economic) failed med school twice in France :( I am trying to work my way through all the programs offered for medicine, the UKCAT and so on so I really really appreciate your older posts!
    Thank you so much! All the best x

  2. @Olympias I'm glad you appreciate my blog. :) It's nice to hear that people do read it and appreciate it - gives me more motivation to think up of new blog posts and keep it updated. Good luck with your applications! Don't give up!