Thursday, August 18, 2011


To those who got their A-level results today and gotten into medicine - congratulations! Now you all can relax and prepare yourselves for freshers. It is going to be amazing. Even I'm excited for Freshers and I'm in 3rd year! Few more weeks and you will officially be medical students. When you start your first lecture - it will suddenly hit you: "I am in medical school." It is a feeling you can't describe... or you can be insanely hungover...which isn't a pleasant feeling. Either way it will hit you at some point so do enjoy it. To be able to study medicine is a rare opportunity so make the most of it. Should be a fun filled 5-6 years to become a doctor.

Anyways congratulations again and enjoy your next few weeks of holiday and get ready for freshers!


  1. I just read your profile on TSR and can't believe you study at sheffield. I've been following your blog for a while but never knew you was in Sheffield, thats my dream university for medicine.

  2. Hi! :) I've found you through your profile on TSR and I think it's amazing that you study at Sheffield for medicine and you also came from Canada. Sheffield is also my dream school and I hope to go there for the 2012 year :) Hopefully I'll get in! Your thoughts and suggestions really helped me :D

  3. congratulation and enjoy your next few weeks of holiday and get ready for freshers.

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