Friday, February 17, 2012

Sh!t Hitting the Fan.

Oh is quite rare for me to leave work to the last minute. I should be panicking, but I'm not...well not just yet. I have 2 essays and 1 reflective writing to hand in on Monday. One of my essays is a case report, which I have finished...but it is still pretty rough. The other essay is an evidence based medicine essay, which requires me digging through a bunch of literature...haven't started that whatsoever. Reflective writing...I hope it doesn't take long as I haven't done that either, but I usually only take 10-15 minutes to do up reflective pieces. As you can tell...I'm not too shabby at reflecting (which I do believe is a very important part of the degree - can't improve if you can't reflect on your performance/day). It doesn't end there - I've got a summative assessment on Monday where I will be watched by a consultant in taking a full patient history and perform two systems examination (could be either Cardiovascular, Respiratory, GI, Peripheral Nervous System, Cranial Nerves, or Developmental examination). Afterwards I will be asked a few questions about the patient history such as differential diagnosis, management, investigations, pathophysiology, etc. Anything goes as long as it is relevant to the patient's condition. Will also be asked to present my findings on physical examinations. Ack. I mean taking a patient history and doing examinations is just a matter of practising which I think I've done enough of. I'm just worried about the questions my consultant will ask me.

This week has been fairly uneventful. I was only in for 3 days as I had a lot of meetings to attend. Because of all my meetings, I haven't been able to do an "on-call" from 9am-9pm, which means I have to do 2 on-calls in my final week of Paediatrics. Fun. Essentially I spent this week completing my log book in terms of getting my clinical skills signed off and getting a registrar to do my formative assessment for 3 systems examinations in preparation for my summative assessment for next Monday.  I also found this week incredibly hard to wake up. Every morning I was struggling to wake up. Thank goodness 1 more week of Paediatrics and travelling a long way to the peripheral hospital. Next placement is Obs+Gynaecology and the drive there is about 15 minutes so I won't have to wake up as early. PHEW. To be honest I'm quite sick of my placement now. 7 weeks is too long and I haven't really been having a great time either so that doesn't help with my experience. I'm usually bored and I generally feel quite unproductive. To be fair though, I still learned a lot especially on how to interact with children. Still something I'm struggling with, but if I compared myself to the first week of placement, I have definitely grown as a person and have learned some new skills. It'd be unfair for me to write this placement off as it has been very useful. Just not my "cup of tea". Can't love every placement. There will always be up and downs, but medical school is all about exploring specialties and learning about everything. As a medical student, you need to learn how to adapt and essentially "just get on with it". My basketball coach from high school always told me: "If you don't like it, too bad. Make the most of it. If not, just suck it up and keep going."

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