Monday, April 9, 2012

Design of the Blog.

So I've had this blog now for over 2ish years and I am going to be having some free time. I was wondering what do you readers think about the design of the blog? Should I update the background? What do you think of the layout? Any feedback? This blog is not just for myself but obviously for you readers so I want to make sure this blog is easy to read and easy on the eyes as I do realize that I do have some fairly lengthy blog posts. Please leave your comments/feedback as it would be greatly appreciated as I always want to be improving my blog and keeping you readers happy. :)

More blog posts to come later this week! :)


  1. Black background with white font does make it hard to read

  2. I find the layout very good, I don't have much of a problem reading it really. But overall the blog is very good and I look forward to each post. Thanks for sharing your blog with us :)

  3. You've mentioned the intensity of the exams, and in a couple of posts how you're managing your time. I was hoping you could do a post on your top tips for managing the workload? I know you've done a couple (stay on top of reading etc) but realistically, what do you before a lecture/during lecture/how detailed are your notes/how often do you go over them etc?

    With regards to it's design, it's pretty fine to read :)