Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2 More Weeks.

Hi everyone!

Yay it is finally September. If I was still in high school I should be starting school tomorrow! Yikes! Technically I still have 3 more weeks of summer holiday which is crazy as almost all my friends have already started university. I can finally start my countdown to England. I am leaving September 15 so I am really stoked....and at the same time praying that my Visa will arrive before I leave.

14 more days 'til I leave for England.
20 more days 'til Freshers Week/Intro Week.
27 more days 'til the first day of University.

I am soo excited! Anyways I just wanted to keep this blog updated so here's another quick UCAS/admissions tip:

Don't be scared to ask questions! If you're unsure about the university's requirements or have questions about their course call and ask! But obviously first check their website and prospectus before calling but other than that go ahead and call! Most of the admissions people are very friendly and helpful.

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  1. Hey, im doing a freshers blog this year (, do you fancy swapping links for the sites? Cheers