Thursday, August 27, 2009


WOW! AM I LUCKY OR WHAT? My visa appointment was scheduled for August 26th 10:00 am. I finally got my tracking number for my Visa letter and I called up DHL to ask when will it arrive and they said: "Wednesday or Thursday depending on customs". So I was super nervous and anxious because on the website the next visa appointment is in September and that guarantees me missing my flight and most likely freshers week. ACK. So Monday night before I went to sleep I went to check the Visa Letter tracking and it said that it was in Cincinnati, Ohio and I was pretty sure it will stop over in the west coast of the US. Next morning (Tuesday) at 10:30am someone rings the doorbell and to my surprise it was DHL! I was so shocked to find out that it was my Visa Letter and it was kinda amazing that it only took one day to ship my letter from the UK to Canada. Crazy right? And a bit of luck too.

So this morning I went to my Visa appointment...the agent wasn't that helpful. She just confirmed my personal details and got my fingerprints....she didn't even ask for my Visa letter...or any of my documents. She just shoved my visa application form into an envelope with my passport and left me with an address to send my stuff to. Like I thought they would help you check through your documents and stuff....but obviously not. I really hope I did everything right because I really need the Visa to be done/processed ASAP. I hope hope hope hope the British High Commission in Ottawa will understand my situation and will process it faster. :(

Anyways I just wanted to let you guys know that my Visa is now coming along...but hopefully everything is all good with my application as I cannot risk it getting rejected. Ahhhhhh.

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