Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1 day til Results.

I didn't think I would be nervous about results as we have been assured that about 5% of the class would fail, but I AM STILL NERVOUS. It is really hard to say how I have done in the exam and I have no clue what sort of mark I'll be getting. Back in high school, after an exam, I usually have a sense of how I did and can ball-park the mark that I will be getting. This time, I seriously have no clue at all. I have a feeling that everyone will be scoring around the same mark and 1% can make or break you pretty much - scary stuff.

I also don't understand why I have to physically go to the medical school to see my results...why can't we get our marks online like most schools? For the home students it isn't that bad as they can always go home, but I am stuck in England for 2 weeks with nothing to do waiting for results to come out and I can't go home in between. I also don't like crowding around a little pane of glass trying to find your student number and along the way see other people's marks as well...quite nerve-racking but I guess it gives you a bit of competition as you can see how your classmates have done.

Wish me luck for tomorrow and hopefully I get the mark I am aiming for and PASS. I really put a lot of work into studying for the exams and will be extremely disappointed if I end up with a 3 (or fail). Not trying to be stuck up or anything - please don't get me wrong - but for the amount of effort I put into studying - I hope my work pays off and get me a 4.

Will update again when I get my mark and hopefully be a very happy medical student. :)

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