Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sigh of Relief.

Today was quite a cheerful day...well minus the gloomy/ridiculous weather. Went to meet my supervisor for my research attachment at the Bone Metabolism Centre. My supervisor has lectured us quite a few times during our MSK unit, but I always had the impression of him being a quiet/awkward guy. After meeting him - wow...he is a really chill person. He was relaxed and it was quite fun to talk to him. He told my group and I (3 of us in total) what the project entails and what is expected from us and everything just seems really straight forward. Best thing I heard was that he knows that we should be studying for exams and will not be expecting us to do 9-5 every day. In fact, he only expects us to come in once in awhile and go to some seminars/lectures and maybe visit the gait lab to see the equipment used and what the volunteers will be put through. Super excited about this. He also said that it isn't an intense research attachment and all of us breathed a sigh of relief. We were really worried that we'll be really busy and won't have time to study.

I'm definitely looking forward to this attachment and hopefully I'll get my schedule soon. We are supposed to start tomorrow but when we were leaving our supervisor said: "See you next week!". So I assume we get the rest of the week off...or until we get our schedule! Exciting stuff. To be honest I'm not being lazy and stuff as I'm genuinely really excited for this attachment and it is one that I wanted to do, but it really got the best of two worlds. Equal balance of the attachment and as well giving me study time to concentrate for exams. Great stuff.

As well, before the meeting the medical school decided to add a new clinical skill session for our year - venepuncture. We got to draw blood on plastic arm models and it was really fun. Gave us a reminder that we are studying to become doctors. Sometimes you tend to forget due to all the preclinical lectures of all the basics - you lose sight of what you're studying and sometimes it is nice to get reminded from time to time that in a few months we'll be on the wards and in three years we'll be qualified! Still seems a bit surreal.

Today was a great day...shame the weather couldn't cooperate though!

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