Thursday, September 29, 2011

End of Placement 2.

...where did my 3 weeks go?!

Seriously. These last 3 weeks actually blew by. Crazy. Couldn't believe that today was my last day on my placement in the peripheral hospital. Next week I will be back in the local teaching hospitals so I guess YAY no more 45-50 minute drives! Thinking back - I quite enjoyed my placement in the peripheral hospital. There were only 20 medical students at the hospital so the doctors were all really keen to teach and the staff were all very friendly. If only the hospital wasn't so far away. I've been hearing stories how the local teaching hospitals are absolutely packed with students; hence, patients are pretty annoyed with us and the consultants don't have time to teach.

Anyways this week has been really good. Did the standard ward rounds and finished up my first essay assignment that I handed in today. Got loads of teaching from Dr Y so that was really good. Saw some pretty interesting physical signs this week. Saw really marked dyskinesia in a patient with Parkinsons Disease. Today we saw a really interesting case. Patient presented to hospital with left sided weakness as well as facial weakness. This patient had a previous history of stroke. On examination, it was found that the patient had heminiopia and reduced corneal reflex in both eyes. Patient could not show her teeth/smile and could not open her mouth very wide. Arms and legs were not that weak. Both limbs seemed fairly normal and there were no changes in sensation except in the face. So what do you think she has?

Well she was just admitted so investigations have to be done, but it is suspected that she has bilateral facial palsy which is apparently quite difficult to make out. In general her face was emotionless which lead us to think that she may have bilateral facial palsy, and both corneal reflexes were reduced. The team didn't think this is a stroke but probably a pathology in the brain.

I personally thought this case was quite fascinating. It was different and it definitely makes you think. Thought I would share this case with you all.

Found out my next placement will be in General Surgery..........................AGAIN. General Surgery is great, but I have had enough. I'm so sick of it. I've done general surgery in my 2 weeks of placements in first year and then general surgery for my first placement this year. I want to see something else NOT GI related...PLEASE. I'm really interested in surgery and it's just so frustrating to be constantly placed in the same specialty. I really want to see the other surgical specialties and it's annoying how the medical school doesn't take into consideration your previous placements and what specialties you have been on. Pretty sure the school will come up with something like "Life isn't fair." But come on.

But yeah all in all - great placement out in a peripheral hospital. Definitely the complete opposite to my initial impression and have learned not to listen to other students as these students said that the hospital I was just placed in was hostile and unfriendly. Complete opposite and my experience has been fantastic. Really enjoyed it and have learned so much. Hopefully this continues in my next placement.

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  1. Nice to see youve enjoyed it. Also, really good that youre updating often :)