Tuesday, March 27, 2012

O&G Labour Week Part 1.

I'm only 2 days in to my labour week and I'm already struggling. I'm supposed to be in for midwives handover at 7am every day. Day 1 - alarm clock for 5:45am...next thing I knew I woke up again and it was 6:30am. Didn't get to the hospital til 7:10am...by the time I got changed into scrubs for labour ward...it was like 7:20am. Day 2 - alarm clock for 5:45am...actually got up this time. Arrived at the hospital at 6:55am and traffic wasn't bad. I actually tried really hard to make it to handover...ran to get changed. By the time I got out...I had apparently missed handover already and the midwives said I should aim to arrive for 6:50am tomorrow. In my head I was like "6:50am?! Yeaaahhh right." Dreading it already. Also I have been sooo tired. I would sometimes catch myself dozing off in the ward because I start so early in the morning...but still get off at 5ish pm. Brutal. And when I get home...I hardly have the energy to eat and all I want to do is sleep. So unproductive.

Pretty exciting first day though. Saw 2 normal vaginal deliveries. Also assisted as a first assistant on 2 caesarean sections (aka I got to scrub in and actually do proper surgical stuff...not just hang around and watch - just the consultant surgeon, me, and a scrub nurse - what a dream). Also witnessed an emergency caesarean section as the baby was stuck. When the emergency button was pressed it was like a TV show. It was crazy. Loads of people ran in within 5 seconds of the buzzer going off and everyone knew what they were doing. Anaesthetist was already making his way to theatre and some of the theatre staff darted to theatre to prep. About 8 of us were racing the bed down to theatre. It was really surreal. Obviously there was a sense or urgency. The mother had to be put under general anaesthetic (most caesareans is under spinal so the mother stays awake and just can't feel anything down below). Staff was frantically prepping the theatre with the equipment...it was just organized chaos. I was so scared to get in the way so I just crammed myself into a tiny corner of the room. I obviously couldn't scrub in as it was an emergency and the registrar had turned up.  Eventually we managed to get the baby out and I finally got to see the link between the paediatricians and obstetricians. The paeds team was already waiting for us ready for the baby and for any resuscitation as it was a complicated birth. Baby came out floppy and wasn't crying/breathing. It was a very tense moment as we handed the baby over to the paeds team. Unfortunately I'm with the obstetrics team so I couldn't go watch the paeds team work their magic. Finally after a few tense minutes we heard the baby cry and you could see the relief on some of the staffs' faces. I'm sure it was pretty scary for the mother herself as one minute she was just about to give birth but the baby got stuck..the next minute she's asleep. Also the father is left waiting outside of theatre after seeing a bunch of people wheel off his wife. Pretty scary situation for the family in general I would think.  I couldn't say I had as much fun  in the afternoon though. Immensely boring after a frantic morning. But the morning certainly made my day though.

Day 2 - quiet morning. Waited til 9am for elective caesarean sections. Again was really lucky and got asked to scrub in and help out...but not to the certain extent of a first assistant. Still makes a huge difference when you're scrubbed in. I even got to transfer the newborn to the crib after we pulled him out. It was really cool. After the sections...again went quiet again. Saw 1 normal delivery and that was it. Next thing to knock off my list: Instrumental Delivery (eg. using Forceps or Ventouse Suction). Really need to get that signed off tomorrow.

Labour week to be continued.......(if I'm still alive by the end of it)

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