Sunday, January 8, 2012

Clinical Specialty Placements

So tomorrow I will be starting clinical specialty placements. I will be on Paediatrics for 6 weeks. I am kind of nervous for it as I don't know what to expect. I was placed in Paediatric Surgery in first year (which by the way is still my most memorable and fun time I have had on placement), but  I was only on the attachment for 1 week. I'm pretty sure it'll be a completely different ball game as obviously the consultants will expect much more knowledge. I have been placed in a peripheral hospital so hello to 1 hour drives each way. Should be interesting...hopefully the weather holds up to make my drive less stressful.

To best honest, I am alright with kids. I don't LOVE kids so I'm not uber excited to be surrounded by them. But who knows, in first year I was really inspired by my first attachment and saw some really interesting things. At one point I was thinking about maybe even specializing in Paediatric Surgery. Hopefully this will be a good experience and I will be able to learn loads as the hospital is much smaller so the doctors will have more time to teach.

9 am introductory lectures tomorrow until 4pm, then on Tuesday I'll be going to the peripheral hospital. Really hoping this will be a good attachment. More updates will come in the week!

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  1. Hi magichearts :D

    During the summer I was shadowing a paediatrician... one of the best experiences I've had - in my life!! It was all so exciting, despite the fact that I had no emotional attachment to children before :) I think you will have alot of fun... Enjoy!!

    p.s. In regards to the 1 hour drive, think about Canada... That will make you feel a lot better! Going to walmart and back is 1 hour LOL

    Best of luck,