Friday, January 20, 2012

Long day - On-call.

So it is week 2 of my paediatric placement. Now I'm getting to know the doctors on the ward much better and they seem more keen to teach us. Even if they see something vaguely interesting, he or she will come and tell us to take a look. I was on-call on Wednesday and what a long day. Got in at 8:45am and didn't get home until 10pm. I was intending to leave at 8pm as I do have to drive back home as I do not stay in the hospital accommodation.  Day started off with a ward round (usual). Saw a few interesting patients, but nothing really out of the ordinary. Managed to see a Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. To be looks pretty horrible. Essentially Stevens Johnson is where you get really red eyes and blisters all around your mouth and oral mucosa. You can also get blisters elsewhere in your body...including your genitalia........yeah. Anyways it doesn't look pleasant and obviously the patient was in quite a bit of discomfort as he could not really eat any solid food. Then went to clinic after lunch where we saw pretty general stuff. Ear infections, constipation, diarrhoea, etc. Got to play with a few of the kids that came in/working on my "playing with children" skill.

I don't have any younger siblings so I personally am not really used to playing with young children. I am still quite apprehensive about playing with kids as I don't really know what to do with them. I mean I think I'm good at making faces as so far I have been able to make the kids laugh by making faces. In terms of toys....I try and just pick up whatever  I see and hand it to them...which they quickly put to the side/throw it to the side. Had a few quizzical looks from babies...which is quite adorable...and pretty funny. Sometimes they just look so confused even you get confused yourself! So clinic lasted for about 3 hours and I did get my bum grilled to a burnt toast by the consultant. Non-stop questions. I asked my consultant a question and he proceeded to ask my question back to me! I'm sure I gave him several blank looks. I'm alright with being put on the spot to answer questions, but it still gets my heart rate up. Luckily the consultant is very relaxed and nice so I knew he only asked to help me learn instead of trying to make me feel dumb....not like any consultant would have that sort of intention (sarcasm). Nice thing about being quizzed is that you do remember things much better. I did learn quite a few things.

Then the ward went dead. There was nothing to do. I literally was wandering around in circles looking for patients to talk to or something to do, but most of the patients I saw in the morning have been discharged. I sat around at the nurse's/doctor's station and swiveled in my chair. Then my registrar who is on-call with me...started getting several bleeps. Literally 5 patients walked in at the same time right after dinner. So I got to work clerking the patients in and helping the registrar out with some stuff. Did learn how to take blood from a baby. A pretty pain-staking process. You essentially prick the heel of the baby with a device and you let the blood drip out and catch it in the can imagine this can take awhile depending on how fast the blood drips out/how cooperative the baby is.

As earlier stated...I was planning to leave at 8pm, but because suddenly all the patients decided to show up at the same time...I ended up getting held back. I didn't want to leave midway through clerking so I told myself I can leave after clerking and presenting the cases to the registrar. At around 9pm I was finally finished and made my way home. Got home...showered...and then passed out on my bed. And up again next day for 9am. As you can guess....I had a lot of difficulty waking up. Plus the prospect of needing to drive for about an hour was not helping. Either way....thankfully this week kind of picked up and I am starting to get much more teaching from the doctors and I'm starting to get along with the doctors. Starting to feel like I'm a part of the team. It's a nice feeling.

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