Monday, January 2, 2012

Life of an International Student.

Winter holiday is coming to an end and it literally blew by. First came Christmas. Next thing you know it was New Year's eve. Then we welcomed a new year - 2012. I celebrated these festivities with my family and knowing that this is probably the last Christmas/New Year I will spend back at home before I graduate really gave us the urgency to do as much as we could this winter holiday. Ate lots of good food and did quite a bit of shopping. Really tried my best to take in as much of home as much as I could. Also tried my best to spend as much time as I could with my family. I really don't know when is the next time I'm coming back home. It is a really sad thought. School is getting busier and I am getting shorter holidays.

In a blink of an eye I will be heading to the airport to fly back to England. I hate going to the airport and saying "goodbye". Tears my heart every time.  It will never get easy. It is really hard to see your parents sad to see you leave. Sometimes I wonder if going to study thousands of miles away from home a good choice. Unlike local students, I can't just spontaneously decide to go home for the weekend. Home is in a different country thousands of miles away. Thinking about it, international students make huge sacrifices to come to England to study. So food for thought: when parents of international students come to visit, don't tease them.  Sometimes flying back home isn't an option so the next best thing is for parents to come visit. Think about the sacrifices we make for a better education and the opportunity to study things that may not be available in our home countries.

Life of an international student is not easy.


  1. I completely agree with you. I moved from South Korea to Canada 7 years ago and I haven't seen my relatives since... I'll be visiting this year, but now the fact that I may be moving to England to study just makes it so much harder for me. My parents are going back to S. Korea - so it's now harder for me to go back home - whether it's korea or Canada. :(

    Hope all this will be worth it in the end!! :D

  2. Can I ask why are you studying abroad? Did you want to study in Canada, or did you not get any offers? Hope you had a good Xmas!

  3. I'm studying abroad because in Canada you cannot go straight into medicine as an undergraduate degree. Medicine in Canada is a postgraduate degree. For me, I know I want to study Medicine and I don't see the point of wasting 3-4 years studying an undergrad degree. I did get offers to study in Canada, but again I knew I wanted to study Medicine and the obvious choice was to apply to go straight into it. The opportunity to study Medicine in Canada is much more slim than studying in England and England has a good education system.

  4. I totally understand your feelings, no clue how I am going to cope if I do get in (which will be like a miracle) :S.
    Never realized how much we give up, family, comfort, money and friends.