Thursday, August 6, 2009

Officially to be a Med Student!

Right...I'm a total newb at this blogging thing so please bear with me. Anywhoooo, earlier today I have officially been given an unconditional offer to study Medicine in England. I was so relieved to finally see the word unconditional crammed in the decision section of my UCAS.

So I just want to give a brief introduction of what my blog will be about. For the next few weeks, before I officially start university, I will be blogging about the process of applying to medical schools in the UK and the experiences I have been through. Hopefully the tips I'll be giving out will be helpful.

Later, once uni starts, I will begin to blog about my life as a med student and the ups and downs of my uni life. As the title says: "The Crazy Life of a Med Student", I will probably be bogged down with work and essentially will be pretty crazy. Hopefully first year won't be too bad.

If you don't know me well here's a quick and brief introduction. I'm from the great land of Canada and specifically live on the beautiful West Coast. Why did I choose to study Medicine in the UK? Well I really enjoy the course that they offer and how it is so direct and pertained to medicine while in Canada you will have to do an undergraduate degree first and learn about general science/any other thing. I am pretty passionate to study medicine so I felt that studying in the UK is what suits me best.

Anyways I don't know what else to keep typing about...but I will start doing up uni tips probably tomorrow if not the day after.

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