Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starting to pack.

WELL my mom has been continuously nagging me to start packing up stuff I don't need now and will need in Sheffield such as notes from school/books/binders/etc. I'm actually getting a headache going through my mess. I'm thinking about taking my Chemistry and Biology notes with me. I've decided to pack stuff into boxes instead because when I get to my place I can actually fold up the boxes and put them behind my closet or something as suitcases do take up a lot of room. I'm also really tempted to take my PS3/Xbox 360 with me but I don't know if I can find a wire with the UK plug to plug into the system. I really should get back to packing my room is no joke a complete mess. I can hardly get out without stepping on something.

Quick tip for UCAS: Especially for medicine make sure you get as much work experience done that is related to your course as it will help you get a good feel whether or not the career in the future will suit you. You will also be able to gain a lot of skills from the volunteer work which you can talk about in you personal statement.

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