Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick Tip.

Hello all!

Anyways just remembered a REALLY great tip that I heard at the open day that I attended last year. It truly did help me with my personal statement. Most people tend to just list out things that they're good at and literally hammer out a resume instead. What makes the personal statement more interesting for the admissions officers is to reflect about the skills that you've picked up in a particular hobby/interest. For example: Through team sports you pick up the skill of team work. Don't just state that you love playing hockey, but expand on it and just reflect on the numerous skills that you've gotten out of playing a team sport and how some of those skills help in other areas of your life. It just really makes your personal statement more three dimensional and obviously a lot more interesting.

In other news, I am getting a tad nervous as I still haven't received an email from my university about my Visa letter. Hopefully I'll get an email tomorrow. If I don't, I think i will call up the uni and inquire about it. Hmm.

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